The dark arts as many refer to them. It is the art of flying your body. Such a powerful thing and yet such a morbid sport. Friends, family members, loved ones, they all have passed. More will continue to pass. And the people who loved them most will continue to fly. And as we non practicers stand on the side lines we will mourn, and we will continue to support them in everything they do.

I have had the pleasure to be very close to a practicer of the dark arts. He is the most naturally talent person I have ever met. He can onsight 5.14 off the couch and can free solo a slack line he’s never walked before. He has surfed Mavericks and can ski off a mountain without ever thinking twice. But his true art is in his flight. He is a BASE jumper, and I am sure you have never heard of him before. But if you feel like reading an inspirational story about a talented dude here is a link. You’ll also get to see some of my photographs in the article!

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