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Hi I'm Naomi! You probably won't see me toeing off at any of the big races but you will pass me running down the PCT or hanging off El Cap. I've been a full time Software Engineer since I was 20 years old after graduating from Colorado School of Mines with a degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. Previously working at Pivotal Labs and currently working for Github. Home base is Tahoe but I'm mostly on the road in my van. Come find me in Yosemite or Tahoe!

I grew up on a small farm in south central Pennsylvania. I moved to Colorado when I was 17 where I lived for several years. Colorado is where I adopted my best friend L'Hopital! Lopi loves to travel, he loves to go rock climbing, and he loves to run. It's hard to miss us out on the trails.

On the flip side of my athletics and analytics I love to create. If it’s not Art it’s Acting. Please reach out if you’re interested in any of my work!

I am also very passionate about minimizing world suffering. I want everyone to read The Life You Can Save by Peter Singer and start living small and giving more. If everyone carried even a little we could do so much!

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  • Ruby Crest Trail Double - 67 miles - 2 days - Trip Report

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October 2016

  • Southwest Face - Liberty Cap - Failed Attempt - 5 pitches

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  • Skull Queen - Washington Column - 15 hrs - Report



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