Feeling like shit. Today I hated running. Today I didn’t have fun. I felt the weight on my back. I felt the bruises on my toenails. I felt the blisters on my feet. I felt the chaffing on my shoulders, the undigested food in my stomach, and the poorly healed fractured bone in my foot. Today sucked. But I ran. I ran 20 miles on the Tahoe Rim Trail and it was terrible. But I did it. I did it in hopes that the next time would be a little less terrible. 

On runs like today I question why anyone would ever want to run, why anyone enjoys running, what is the redeeming quality of running? But now I know. I suffered and I succeeded. No records were set at a 14 minute mile pace but I finished and now I am better for it. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone. I pushed myself through blisters and bruises. I pushed myself and I walked a bit too but I didn’t stop.

Running sucks sometimes. You don’t always feel strong and powerful and ready to charge. Sometimes you just feel like shit. Like a giant pile of shit but you have to remember all the times that you felt great all the runs where you crushed and it felt awesome. All the times you finished a long run and felt so good that you wanted to keep doing more but didn’t. Those are the times that I like to remember. Those are the memories that get me out everyday. Pushing.