Do not leave California the day before you plan to make an attempt
Do not get pulled over twice on your way to Colorado
Do not arrive at your bivy at 2am only 3hrs before you plan to start running
Do not oversleep your alarm and not get started till 7am
Do not take the wrong trail and end up bushwhacking losing an hour right at the start
Do not not know how to use your gps and tracking device
Do not forget to put sunscreen on
Do not forget to bring toilet paper
Do not have to poop on an exposed ridge with lots of people around
Do not get air stuck in your camelbak hose and be unable to drink from it for the 12hrs
Do not take the steepest and loosest decent off of Tabeguache
Do not fall often because of your bad footing (because your limping)
Do not take a 50 foot sliding fall off Antero and shatter your phone in the process
Do not give up ever
And most importantly

Do not attempt Nolan's 14 on a broken foot

Learn from my mistakes. Kind of comical how many things went wrong on go day. Lessons learned.